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Eurol Diesel Performance Plus

Fuel additive to enhance the performance of diesel

Eurol® Diesel Performance Plus is formulated for use in all diesel engines. Eurol® Diesel Performance Plus boosts the cetane number by up to 6 points. This improvement in cetane will improve combustibility of the diesel fuel, while providing additional power and efficiency of diesel engines at both warm and cold temperature.

At lower temperatures, Eurol® Diesel Performance Plus will improve the engine start-up as the diesel fuel is more easily combusted. At operating temperature, the car will feel more responsive and more lively.

At constant load, Eurol® Diesel Performance Plus will increase fuel economy and reduce emissions due to a more complete and efficient burn.

Eurol® Diesel Performance Plus can be used with naturally aspirated or turbocharged engines, as well as indirect injection, PD (Pumpe Düse) engines and common rail engines.

The 250ml bottle of Eurol® Diesel Performance Plus is recommended for use in 35L to 65L of fuel. Add the Eurol® Diesel Performance Plus to the fuel tank before refueling.

Users should consult the Material Safety Data Sheet of Eurol® Diesel Performance Plus for information about storage and shelf life. Please ask Eurol Research & Development if any further information is required.


  • Enhances performance of regular pump diesel.
  • Increases acceleration.
  • Suitable for use with common rails.
  • Cleans the engine.
  • Restores original performance.
  • Increases cetane number up to 6 points.
  • Up to 5% fuel economy.
  • It is compatible with any type of diesel fuel, including biodiesel and ultra-low-sulfur diesel.
  • Optimal mixing ratio 1 : 200.

Specific values

Diesel Performance Plus
Specific gravity at 20°C Kg/L 0,851
Colour Brown
Flash point COC °C > 62