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Eurol Powershift LSA 10W

Mineral "Off-Highway" oil for hydraulic - and transmission systems

Eurol® Powershift LSA (Low Sulfated Ash) 10W is a high performance drive line oil, developed for modern demanding "off-road'' applications, as well as for trucks requiring a Caterpillar TO-4 or Allison C-4 performance specification.

Eurol® Powershift LSA 10W is blended from highly refined mineral base oils and a special for this application developed additive package. Because of these raw materials, the product offers excellent friction characteristics, wear protection and oxidation stability.

Eurol® Powershift LSA 10W is recommended for use in powershift and hydrostatic transmissions, manual gearboxes and automatic transmissions, differentials and final drives, hydraulic systems and 'wet brakes' mechanisms.


  • Buses and trucks with Allison manual, power shift and automatic transmissions.
  • Off-highway application: earthmoving equipment, agricultural applications and mining industry.
  • Recommended for use in equipment where Caterpillar TO-4 fluids are prescribed.
  • The original equipment manfacturer's (OEM) recommendation regarding the selection of the appropriate viscosity grade should always be followed.

Performance level

  • Caterpillar TO-4
  • Allison C-4
  • ZF 03 (Approved)
  • Komatsu KES 07.868.1

Typical properties:

Density 20°C Kg/L 0,882
Viscosity 100°C cSt 6,6
Viscosity 40°C cSt 38,2
Viscosity -25°C cP 3700
MRV TO-4 cP 9,400
Brookfield TO-4 cP 51,089
Viscosity Index 128
Flash point COC °C 220
Pour point °C -39
Sulfated ash wt% <0.12
Zinc wt% 0,1