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Eurol Lawn Mower Oil SAE 30

Eurol® Lawn mower oil is a well proven monograde engine oil for four stroke petrol engines (lawn mowers).

Eurol® Lawn mower oil serie has strong deterging and protecting capabilities. This assures the prevention of carbon deposits on pistons, valves and in the combustion chamber.

Eurol® Lawn mower oil has strong anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-foam characteristics and also a high oxidation stability to protect for oil thickening.

Performance level

  • API SJ

Typical properties

SAE 30
Density 20°C Kg/L 0,887
Viscosity 100°C cSt 11,8
Viscosity 40°C cSt 109
Viscosity Index 96
Flash point COC °C 227
Pour point °C -18
Sulphated ash Wt% 0,82
T.B.N. mgKOH/g 6,1