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Eurol Lithium Grease MPQ-3 - литиевая смазка для грузовых авто

Universal lithium grease for various applications

Eurol® Lithium Grease MPQ (Multi Purpose Quality) is a high-quality stable grease, based on mineral oil and lithium soap as thickener. Due to the presence of additives and the strong adhesion to metals this grease has good anti-oxidant and corrosion preventing properties.

Eurol® Lithium Grease MPQ can be used up to 120°C, with peak temperatures up to 130°C. Furthermore, Eurol® Lithium Grease MPQ is suitable for high working loads, shock loads and where water and dirt may penetrate the greasing point.

Eurol® Lithium Grease MPQ guarantees optimal protection, also under heavy working conditions, extending equipment life-time and reducing maintenance costs.


  • DIN K 2 K -30 (NLGI 2)
  • DIN K 3 K -30 (NLGI 3)


  • Ball Bearings
  • Wheel Hub
  • Universal Joints
  • Chassis Pivots

Typical properties:

Thickener Lithium Lithium
NLGI-class 2 3
Worked penetration 25°C mm/10 280 235
Dropping point °C >180 >180
Viscosity base oil 40°C cSt 90-120 80
Temperature range °C -30 tot +120 -30 tot +120
Four ball welding load Kg 200 200

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