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Антикоррозийное средство EUROL UBC Black Overpaintable

Dries rapidly, is applied with a screwed-on spray gun

Eurol® UBC Black Overpaintable offers durable protection against rust for cars, caravans, storage tanks, and boilers. Moreover, it not only protects metals against chippings, but also against corrosion and climatic influences.

Eurol® UBC Black Overpaintable has a balanced structure and contains special solvents, enabling a rapid covering with all kinds of lacquer systems.

Eurol® UBC Black Overpaintable stays elastic at both high and low temperatures. It is soundproof (anti-rumble properties) and fast drying. It is applied with a screwed-on spray gun (no thicker than 1-3 mm).


When using 2K lacquers, it is recommended to start with a thin layer of primer. After drying, the lacquer can be applied.

Performance Level

As soundproof anti-chipping layer with rust protecting properties

Ideal for application in:

  • Repair workshops
  • Body workshops
  • Car industry
  • Garages