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Присадка Eurol Petrol Octane Improver для повышения октанового числа бензина

Fuel additive to increase the octane number of petrol

Eurol® Petrol Octane Improver has been specially formulated to increase the research octane number (RON) of petrol. At the recommended dosage, Eurol® Petrol Octane Improver will raise the RON by 4 to 6 points.

When using Eurol® Petrol Octane Improver, the engine will respond quicker to changes in throttle position. The engine will feel more lively and, at constant speeds, the fuel economy will increase slightly.

Eurol® Petrol Octane Improver prevents and eliminates pinging when the engine is operating in the high end of the RPM range. By adding Eurol® Petrol Octane Improver, the high speed knocking resistance of the petrol is improved significantly.

Eurol® Petrol Octane Improver can be safely used with any car equipped with a catalytic converter. Eurol® Petrol Octane Improver can be used to boost the octane number of the fuel when the RON is insufficient for the engine to operate smoothly.

The 250 ml bottle of Eurol® Petrol Octane Improver is recommended for use in 35 to 65L of fuel. Add Eurol® Petrol Octane Improver to the petrol tank before refueling to ensure proper mixing.

Users should consult the Material Safety Data Sheet of Eurol® Petrol Octane Improver for information about storage and shelf life. Please ask Eurol Research & Development if any further information is required.


  • Increases the octane number of regular pump petrol by 4 to 6 points.
  • Effective for both direct and indirect injection.
  • Increases throttle response and acceleration.
  • Compatible with ethanol (E85).
  • Optimal mixing ratio 1 : 200.

Specific values

Petrol Power
Specific gravity at 20°C Kg/L 0,8
Colour Amber
Flash point COC °C >62