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Синтетическое масло Eurol Harley Twinlube-FS 20W-50

Fully synthetic motor oil for 4-stroke motorcycles

Eurol® Harley Twinlube-FS 20W-50 is a fully synthetic engine oil without a friction modifier, especially developed for 4-stroke motorcycles.

Eurol® Harley Twinlube-FS 20W-50 is based on fully synthetic base oils, giving optimized friction characteristics and offering excellent protection against wear, deposits, sludge and oxidation under all conditions. Aeratino and foaming are avoided even under the roughest and toughest conditions.

Eurol® Harley Twinlube-FS 20W-50 has a low volatility, reducing oil thickening and oil consumption to a bare minimum.

Due to the sophisticated formulation, this oil offers an excellent protection to gearboxes and wet disc clutches and prevents clutches from slipping and sticking.

Despite the high loads between the gears, the dedicated oil thickener hardly breaks down, so that even at high temperatures, the viscosity stays in grade to assure a strong lubricant film.

At low temperatures, Eurol® Harley Twinlube-FS 20W-50 quickly builds up a tenacious lubricant film for an optimum protection at the cold start.


  • API SJ
  • JASO MA2

Typical properties:

Density 20°C Kg/L 0,856
Viscosity 100°C cSt 18,3
Viscosity 40°C cSt 130
Viscosity -15°C cP <9500
Viscosity Index 158
Flash point PMCC °C 198

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