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Смазка Eurol Leather grease White для изделий из кожи

Eurol® Leather Grease is specially developed for leather care of cloths, shoes, jackets, saddles, etc. The leather will be conserved and will repel water- and dust after treatment with the leather grease.

Eurol® Leather Grease consists of pure base oils and special greases. Because of the unique composition, the grease is well absorbed by the pores and preserves the leathers natural colour, flexibility and brilliance.

Eurol® Leather Grease should be used regularly to prevent the leather from ageing.

Performance level

Instructions of use:

Apply with a rag or brush, give it some time to absorb and spread if necesarry. Regularly use keeps the leather flexible and water repellent. Expands the lifespan of the leather.