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Eurol Diesel System Cleaner

Diesel additive for maintaining the entire fuel system

Eurol® Diesel System Cleaner is an additive formulated to remove deposits from combustion chamber, as well as the rest of the fuel system through the use of carefully selected deposit control components.

Eurol® Diesel System Cleaner is recommended for use in areas where the diesel quality is such that you experience a significant fuel efficiency reduction, to keep the engine clean and running properly.

Eurol® Diesel System Cleaner is also recommended as a preventative measure against corrosion and condensation in the fuel tank.

The 250ml bottle of Eurol® Diesel System Cleaner is recommended for use in 35L to 65L of fuel and let the Eurol® Diesel System Cleaner run through the fuel system for up to a few hours to ensure a proper cleaning. Add the Eurol® Diesel System Cleaner to the fuel tank before refueling.

For best results, use in two consecutive tanks or every 2.500 km. Shorter use intervals can be maintained with city driving and bumper to bumper traffic (stop and go conditions).

Users should consult the Material Safety Data Sheet of Eurol® Diesel System Cleaner for information about storage and shelf life. Please ask Eurol Research & Development if any further information is required.


  • Cleans and protecs from the fuel tank up to the combustion chamber.
  • Removes soot and carbon deposits from the entire diesel fuel system.
  • Increases water repellency.
  • Cleans the fuel pump. Guarantees optimal combustion.
  • Lowers fuel consumption and increase engine performance.
  • Improves cold starting.
  • Suited for all diesel engines from passenger cars and trucks.
  • Optimal mixing ratio 1 : 200.

Specific values

Diesel System Cleaner
Specific gravity at 20°C Kg/L 0,820
Colour Brown
Flash point COC °C > 62