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Eurol Grotanol SR-2 - очиститель резервуаров металлообрабатывающих машин

Special cleaner for reservoirs of metal working machines

Grotanol SR-2 is a special, mineral oil free system cleaner and cleaning agent, for the cutting fluid reservoirs of metal working machines.

Grotanol SR-2 disinfects bacteria and fungi who attack the emulsion. Tramp oil is emulsified. Because of the special cleaning properties, dirt and deposits like metal parts or bacteria are soaked off.

Because of the increased alkalinity, Grotanol SR-2 protects cutting tools and work pieces against corrosion.

At skin contact, rinse with water immediately.

Grotanol SR-2 has to be added to the sump at least 6 hrs before the fluid is changed. Circulate and operate the machine for 6-8 hours. Empty and rinse the system with clean water. Recharge with fresh cutting fluid.

Dosage: 0,25-0,75%, depending on degree of pollution.

For the external cleaning of the machine, a dilution of 0,5-1% should be sufficient. Here also, flushing with water is recommended.

Always check the material safety data sheet before using the product.

Performance level

  • Take care that all parts of the machine getting in contact with the fluid, like chip removers, filters and spaces where the fluid splashes around, are cleaned.
  • To be stored frost-free

Typical properties:

Grotanol SR-2
Density 20°C Kg/L 1,05
Appearance Clear yellow fluid
pH-value (10 g/L) ca 10